The Case for Copying | The Art Assignment


An insightful video about artists and copying; flat out copying, not simply being influenced by one another. The Spanish painter Pablo Picasso is famously quoted as saying ” good artists copy, great artists steal “. This will help clarify some issues that arise when artist copy/steal from other works of art, while shining some light on the ‘why’ this has commonly been the case amongst artists for decades.

about the video: 

Sampling, appropriating, borrowing, stealing. Whatever you want to call it, artists have been copying since time immemorial. We look into the history of the practice, and share our theories of why it is done, and what it can offer us.

Written by Joanna Fiduccia

about The Art Assignment:

The Art Assignment is an educational video series that explores art and art history through the lens of the present. This is not the dimly-lit art history course that you napped through. This art education is brightly-lit, energizing, and most of all relevant.

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